How to choose the right place for next c-store: case of small & medium-sized c-store operators

    At Ticon, we are confident that to choose the best site you need to consider 3 main factors: local communities, competition levels, and traffic. Leveraging our expertise, we have developed C-Site ScoutTM, a product designed specifically for small & medium-sized operators to simplify their site selection process.

    Use the power of our location intelligence to:

    I. Determine local clientele profile

    Combining insights on age & sex distribution, income levels, employment status, and education, you easily discover the profile of potential customers in a new area, predict their purchasing behavior, and set up merchandising and marketing strategies accordingly. Leveraging the Ticon Target Audience Index further clarifies this process, allowing you to determine the market size and precisely identify the number of potential customers within your reach.

    C-Site ScoutTM serves as a powerful tool for businesses, empowering them to delve deep into local demographics and craft a comprehensive profile of the surrounding community.

    II. Explore competition levels

    Once you’ve determined the market size with demographic and TA tools, explore how many similar businesses are in the area with Ticon’s market share chart. Lower levels of competition often signify more favorable conditions for the development of your business.

    With C-Site ScoutTM, you can effortlessly analyze the competitive landscape and visualize their presence in your target area. Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions on where to establish your business, minimizing competition and maximizing your chances of success.

    III. Anticipate demand with customer traffic

    Ticon traffic flow data offers much more opportunities than just basic AADT. By leveraging this information, you can identify high-traffic locations, pinpoint peak hours and days of activity. Heat map shows during which days and hours traffic is the highest. This insight isn't just about numbers; it's about predicting when your store will be buzzing with potential customers, allowing you to fine-tune your staffing levels for maximum efficiency.

    Delving into average speeds in your area goes beyond knowing how fast cars are moving. It's about deciphering whether people are simply passing through or stopping by. Moreover, with Ticon data on congested hours you gain a strategic advantage in tailoring your marketing initiatives to seize the attention of passersby. All of these invaluable insights are conveniently accessible within the C-Site ScoutTM.

    About data

    In our analysis, we exclusively utilize reliable data sources, ensuring that you can confidently support your decisions with high-resolution data.  Our information is derived from a meticulous blend of extensive vehicle observations, comprehensive road network analysis, data from the US Census Bureau, and insights from the most reliable GIS providers.

    We spare no effort in acquiring ample data for cross-verification, demonstrating our commitment to thoroughness. By synergizing artificial intelligence with human intelligence, we bolster the reliability of our data, ensuring a high level of confidence. Request case studies on Ticon data verification to delve deeper.

    For further insights on C-Site ScoutTM – the product designed to streamline your business strategy decisions – don't hesitate to reach out to us at


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