NACS Insights 2023 | Ticon Updates

    It's been a memorable two weeks since we concluded our participation in the NACS Show. This year marked Ticon's debut at the event, and it was an absolute pleasure to engage with our clients and colleagues, including Dataplor, Numerator, and PriceEasy. As we seamlessly transition back to our daily routine, we will share our experiences from the event.

    During the event, we officially launched and introduced our most recent innovations and new product offerings to the public. We gathered valuable knowledge from our clients and fellow professionals, collecting feedback and insights from the visitors who were drawn to our booth.

    Here are the key takeaways from our 3-day-long NACS journey:


    Surprisingly, in the era of Big Data, businesses are starving for reliable, actionable information. Retailers routinely experience lack of accuracy in traffic estimations, as well as financial losses on account of poor data quality. For this reason, we have put together a comprehensive guide on how to assess data quality and select a reliable, competent data provider. You can request the guide by emailing us.

    Ticon efforts in refining traffic estimations, along with the investments in acquiring and processing diverse data types, are now needed by the industry more than ever.


    Our introduction of the Sales Projections tool received an enthusiastic response at the NACS Show.

    This service is a new addition to Ticon's offerings. To develop this methodology, we conducted research based on a significant number of convenience store locations in the U.S., considering over 10 different factors. Our methodology, being verified by this study, allows us to provide comprehensive insights into the estimated number of customers. Understanding customer base grounds sales projections and estimating the number of visitors, thereby facilitating our clients in building optimal marketing strategies.


    Understanding and catering to the target audience is a perpetual challenge for the retail industry.

    We introduced the Ticon Target Audience (TA) Index, a tool that helps companies understand their customer base presence in specific locations. Besides the TA Index, we provide high-resolution demographic and income data within a 1,5-mile and 20-miles radii. Taken together, this new tool provides a clear understanding of the clientele size and specifics at the chosen location.


    We are excited to share these findings as well as our new solutions with our customers.Thank you for being a part of our NACS Show experience! And if you missed the show, welcome to our brand-new Virtual booth!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email or schedule an online meeting at your convenience.


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