B-Site Insight

B-Site Insight™, our latest product, is a comprehensive analytical and reporting system that provides smart decision support for Billboard Advertising professionals.

B-Site Insight

Our report contains a set of traffic speed and volume data for better understanding of customers’ travel behavior, including:

  • True values of average daily traffic
  • Intra-day distribution of traffic flows
  • Daily, monthly and yearly averages for traffic volumes
  • Intraday traffic flow speed distribution
  • Congestion and Rush Hour analysis

The report also includes proprietary analytical information generated with deep AI data processing, that assures the most inclusive utilization of advertising space in 24/7/365 mode, accounting for intraday changes of viewing time. Moreover, B-Site Insight Report can be instrumental in evaluating and setting the price schedules for specific time intervals, based on the number of “eyes” on the billboard, as indicated by the viewing time length and traffic speed/volume variables.

For these purposes we provide the following data:

  • Intraday viewing time values
  • Daily, Monthly and Quarterly suggested price schedules;
  • Intraday suggested price schedule

All the above-mentioned information is available:

  • For the exact street address and/or road section, based on the observation of traffic at the location, not for a ZIP-code, polygon, miles-long TMC segment, or “nearby street"
  • For the whole period of interest, based on continuous 24/7/365 observation, not for an “average week” or few days of tube-counter study
  • Current and up-to-date (one week), rather than “last available” measurement, which may be years old

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